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Below are some of the Marketing Systems that you can get as a team member with us in Four Corners. I use every one of these, some more heavily than others. I give a brief description as well as some samples of what each one gives you.

You can sign up to use any of these systems (except Team Global Impact), even if you’ve already joined 4 Corners Alliance under someone other than me.

Frank Colabro’s 3-Step System

Th 3-Step System is a powerful system that was originally designed by Frank Colabro Jr., the TOP earner in 4 Corners and my upline. This system is my preferred BEST choice to use for marketing 4 Corners and generates lots of leads everyday for me. It links together multiple income streams through affiliate programs that work cohesively together into a single power-packed, high-converting marketing system as well as providing training and traffic sources. When you join me and our team, you’ll get access to the system and our resources. You can market any one of these programs separately or together in this system so that you can generate fast upfront commissions as well as monthly residual commissions, along with your regular commissions in 4 Corners. If you’re already in 4 Corners and you’re looking for an effective marketing solution for your 4 Corners business, simply opt in here and go through the system. Make sure to provide your correct email to receive the free bonuses by email.

This is a very popular system and our team is growing rapidly. There is some set-up required for the system to get it up and running, but we walk you through it all, giving specific directions on the setup and promoting the system. This is for any level marketer who is looking to generate multiple income streams through an affordable but PROVEN online strategy and willing to gain some new marketing skills to succeed. Click Here to learn more about it.

The Conversion Pro Marketing Suite

The Conversion Pros is actually a full-blown online marketing suite that comes with a full array of features too many to name and describe here (see a few mentioned in the picture below). This is actually a favorite of mine as well as many top marketers all across the network marketing and affiliate program industry. TCP is not 4-Corners-specific but it can be used to promote ANY business. The The Conversion Pros System is used by many top 4 Corners members as well as many top marketers building large teams for many different businesses. It gives you the ability to fully customize really nice funnel systems with and without videos and you can even share your creations with your team mates. It has it’s own autoresponder or you can integrate your own GetResponse or Aweber autoresponder campaigns within your funnels. When you get the Conversion Pros through me, you’ll also get access to share codes to put together a killer lead funnel system like Frank Colabro’s 3-Step System.

The best part of this, besides having the ABSOLUTE BEST marketing suite available online, you also have the option to earn BIG money with this. As a TPS affiliate, you’ll earn monthly 50% commissions on sales. With 2 sign ups into this system, it’s paid for. For anyone who is serious about marketing online and especially about branding yourself, there isn’t anything better than The Conversion Pros. It’s a beast! You’ll never want to be without it, no matter what business you may be promoting.

The back office training is superb, containing lots of video training as well as marketing training online.  Click Here to Check it Out!.


leadlignthingUsing the $7 Funnel as a Funded Proposal – Get Leads & Fast Money Too!

Another way to market your 4 Corners Opportunity is to use a great little lead capturing, commission-earning program called the $7 Funnel Funnel (Cost is $7 one-time). With this system you can offer people to get a lead system for a one-time cost of $7 they can use to market their opportunity. Additionally, this will earn you $6 in commissions on every lead that gets the system from you. Within the system, you’ll be able to attach a link to your 4 Corners Alliance presentation page that you use. This system will market your 4 Corners Alliance opportunity on the back end through pre-written email follow ups and at the same time, you’ll be able to earn multiple $6 commissions on every purchase of the $7 Funnel from your prospects. It’s an ingenious system and well worth getting for yourself.

$18 Lifestyle System

The $18 Lifestyle System125x125[1] is a great new system that I’ve used a bit for promoting my 4 Corners business. What I like about this system is that they give you well-converting rotating lead-capture pages and a complete system along with training, tips, and traffic-generating resources that help you build you build a list and your 4-Corners Team, The system also offers you the ability to earn multiple income streams if you upgrade for as low as $4.99 which include traffic resources and excellent marketing tools that you should have if you’re going to be successful in online marketing. It’s all very affordable for anyone. If you choose not to take the upgrade, you can use the system for FREE to just promote 4 Corners. This system is a great choice for promoting 4 Corners Alliance and earning the additional incomes contained in this system if you have a very small budget to get started. If you’re in 4 Corners and you are endeavoring to market it on a shoe-string budget, then you owe it to yourself to take a look at all they’ve got available for you in this cool little system.  Click Here to Learn More.

Team Global Impact Marketing System

After you join me in 4 Corners, I’ll give you access to the Team Global Impact website and a number of choices of lead capture funnels in your members area. There’s a few in here to pick from and they are all ONLY $7/mo. If you’re limited on funds, this is a good choice for you. When someone opts into your page they’ll be directed to a video presentation page. You’ll promptly get an email notification letting you know of an opt in and there is a back office contact manager that will track all of your opt ins. There is no automated follow-up/autoresponder. You’ll have to either manually follow up with an email or plug them into your own email autoresponder. Click Here for my preferred email autoresponder.

TGI Funnels:

Sample 1Sample 2, Sample 3 

Offline Marketing with Drop Cards

drop1Using Drop Cards is a simple offline strategy to drive traffic to your website or generate leads using a sizzle line voicemail box to collect phone call responses. You can leave drop cards anywhere for people to pick up or simply hand them to others who you’ve asked if they’re interested in making extra money.

Drop cards should be used to create enough compelling curiosity so that people will watch or listen to a 4 Corners presentation. Two great sources of drop cards are Realistic Drop Cards and Print Buyers Club. See my blog posts for more related information about drop cards and using a sizzle lines.


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