Marketing 4-Corners


There are a number of ways and resources that you can use to market 4 Corners online.

In this section I’ll share some of the tools and methods that you’ll have at your disposal for building your business with us. All of the methods work, but you need to do what you can as you grow into using multiple methods. In regards to the tools, some will be specific to Four Corners and others will be 3rd party resources.

We’re Looking Out for Everyone

I understand that some folks will have a limited budget when they are getting started with me. Because of this, I want to provide you with some affordable resources to get started in building a business with us. There are additional resources that I will share with you that are either free or cost-effective.

The first place to start is to make sure you have your own 4 Corners Marketing Funnel (ie: Lead Capture pages). This will give you a way of capturing your prospects information so you can follow up with them, either by email or phone number.

In the pages under this section, you’ll learn of a number of marketing systems that are available to you to market your 4 Corners business. I’ve used all of these but I have a couple that are my favorites.I’m also showing a few of the samples that are available from each of these.

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