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Four Corners Alliance Group – Digital Products

The Financial Literacy Book Titles Available on Each Level:

Level 1 – Book 1: the Essentials
Level 2 – Book 2: Become a Smart Investor
Level 2 – Book 3: Millionaire Mindset
Level 3 – Book 4: Dealing With Credit Card Debt
Level 3 – Book 5: Living Trusts
Level 3 – Book 6: Economics The Truth Behind The Spin
Level 4- Book 7: Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
Level 4- Book 9: Debt Crisis
Level 5 – Book 10: Real State Investment
Level 5 – Book 11: How To Invest In Gold and Silver
Level 6 – Book 12: Investment Principles
Level 6 – Book 13: Time value of money
Level 6 – Book 14: Real State Investment Trust
Level 6 – Book 16: Investing For Impact

Monthly Newsletter Subscription

The second product that you can have access to when you join four corners alliance group is a monthly business and lifestyle newsletter. To get the newsletter is $29.95 from what you are paid an 80% commission residually.

Four Corners Alliance Group Retail Store

If you are not a member of 4 Corners you can purchase the books and the newsletter from any 4 Corner’s members. The company allows you to earn profits selling the literacy books from your own online retail store. It’s yet another way for you to earn in this opportunity.

Aren’t there Similar Products Like These Available on the Market?

Of course there are. There are a number of companies that offer financial wellness education and books; however, 4 Corners is the first that attached an incredible affiliate program with such a small investment. The cost per course for 4 Corners affiliates vs the retail value makes it worth joining the program and earning while you get access to the product.

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