Basic 4 Corners Overview

If you’ve been in the online marketing/home-based business industry in recent months, you’ve probably noticed frequent mention of a company or opportunity called the Four Corners Alliance Group. This opportunity has been creating quite a stir online and as an online marketer, I had to check it out for myself to see what the buzz was all about. After looking at it and seeing what they offer and what others are accomplishing in this, I recognized that this little inexpensive business packed a HUGE punch for giving anyone the opportunity for creating a seriously respectable income with such a small, one-time investment. I believe the 4 Corners Alliance opportunity to be a virtual wealth creation masterpiece.

A Basic Breakdown of the Four Corners Opportunity

Four Corners Alliance Group was started by David Harrison and is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013. Simply put, it’s an MLM-structured affiliate program that makes available digital educational products centered around financial literacy for it’s members to purchase for themselves and also have the opportunity to retail the products as well.

These digital products offer high quality information in helping others develop a mindset and knowledge base for growing financially. Those are actually a perfect products to offer in a wealth-building program such as this.

The 4 Corners MLM plan offers you a SIMPLE opportunity to earn money with it. There are multiple income generators within the business, but I’m only going to cover just a portion here. I advise you to get a fuller understanding of the 4 Corners Alliance program by checking out the video below.

Earning Money with the Four Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan

Basically the 4 Corners opportunity sports a 4 X 6 matrix and a uni-level direct selling plan that pays instant commissions when someone purchases any one of Product levels 1 to 6 and where you are the affiliate qualified to receive it. This lucrative payout plan offers you the benefit of spillover into your downline levels to fill up the matrix. The effect is that it helps you earn money from the recruiting efforts of those above you as well as from folks in your downline. It’s a win-win for everyone. (See Below)

It Gets Hotter!…

In addition to the 4X6 matrix, Four Corners Alliance Group also pays 100% Sponsor’s Matching Commissions on instant commissions. Unbelievable – every time a member you bring into this business receives an instant commission from someone in their downline who purchases a product, YOU get paid a 100% match instantly!

AND…Even Hotter!

But wait, the payout gets even better. Four corners Alliance Group incorporates a 4 X 7 forced matrix which pays you residually for the monthly commissions on the Monthly Newsletter subscriptions. You also get paid 100% Sponsor’s Matching Commissions on instant commissions to possibly double your commission earnings. You earn commissions from every member in your downline who is a subscriber, seven levels deep if you are a current subscriber. Check out the monthly residual subscription compensation plan below:

The concept of Four Corners Alliance Group is ingenius: When you join as a member, you get access to these quality digital products progressively and they are paid for out of your commissions as your matrix builds out into deeper levels. This creates upfront commissions for you as well as a business educational newsletter that comes out every month allowing you to earn residual commissions PLUS .

“$18…One Time? Seriously?”

In my 20+ years of Network Marketing/MLM Business pursuits, I’ve always had to pay a startup cost or initial product purchase in the various programs that I was in on the order of $30, $50, $300, or some as high as $1,200 to start. On top of that, I’ve ALWAYS had to pay a monthly product purchase or a product autoship order. I’ve made incomes on just about every program that I’ve done, but of course that happens when you find others who see the value of the product/program and are willing to join you and pay the entry fee.

The Four Corners opportunity ONLY requires a ONE-TIME start up of $18 and THAT’S IT! There are NO monthly fees to pay. The program is set up to negate the need for a constant monthly purchase of products. The product purchase are bought as you get into successive levels, in which your earned commission goes to pay for the next level product without an “out-of-pocket” expense. Ingenious!

This inexpensive feature of Four Corners and the massive income potential are the key points that has many people attracted to the simplicity of this business. Uniqueness of the business gives everyone the opportunity to earn 80% to 100% percent commissions from building a team within their matrix.

Honestly, I’ve NEVER seen a business opportunity offering a one-time $18 investment that can yield $500K plus profit. With the proper planning and sponsoring, you should never have any other money come out of your pocket after your initial startup purchase of the Level 1 book which cost $10 out of your initial $18 investment fee.

My Concluding Thoughts About the 4 Corners Alliance Group Program

The thing that separates the rich from the poor is mindset and the understanding of money. The main thing I truly like about the Four Corners program is that it gives it’s members a way to earn significant money while they are learning about money and finances, and again all for an unheard of one-time $18 initial investment to get started.

The potential and momentum of this opportunity is great. Think of it… A simple one-time $18 investment can potentially earn you $500K plus! My advice to you is to join ASAP. Everything is about timing and now is the best time to join Four Corners Alliance. Watch the video I’ve provided on this page to get the BIG picture view of what this program is about, how it works, what you can earn, and why you should strongly consider joining me and Team Global Impact, the FASTEST growing team in 4 Corners Alliance. You’ll get great mentoring on how to build a business here with us.


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