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toolboyThe use of productivity tools to accomplish more in less time with your online marketing is a great way to grow your business with Four Corners or any business faster. Many of these tools will raise the quality of your marketing and help you to brand yourself in the online marketing community.

On this page I’m sharing many of the tools & resources that I use in my marketing that are available for you to get. This is just a starting list, there will be more to come. In some of the options below I provide a link for a blog article I’ve written about the resource and also a direct link to the resource itself.

If you have any questions about any of these resources, please feel free to ask me about them.

ToolsStar / Facebook Group Autoposter – (Blog Post) (Direct Link)
PushButton Leads / Facebook Group Autoposter – (Blog Post) (Direct Link)
Text Symbols for Your Ads – (Blog Post) (Direct Link)
Landing Page Monkey Capture Page Creator (no autoresponder) –  (Blog Post) (Direct Link)
FREE Capture Page Creator  (no autoresponder) – (Blog Post) (Direct Link)
Email Autoresponder – GVO – (Blog Post) (Direct Link)
Email Autoresponder – Listwire – (Blog Post) (Direct Link)
GoDaddy Domain Names for Purchase. Use referral code WOWdown20 – (Blog Post) (Direct Link)
Jing – Try Jing for a free and simple way to start sharing screen shot images and short videos of your computer screen. Great tool to take screen shots to share on social media.
Autre’ Planete’ – Free Social Media image maker to resize and retouch your Social Media images.
Screencast-O-Matic – Record your screen to make training videos, proof videos, presentation videos and much more and upload directly to your Youtube channel.
Pixabay – Free high quality images you can use anywhere!
Pixlr – Transform your everyday ordinary images into works of art.

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