How to Create Stunning Lead Capture Pages

lpmOk, here’s a cool little tip for you to help you in building your marketing list:

This is a really cool resource that I’ve been using for creating Lead Capture Pages to build my list. As you know, getting opt-ins to any program that you’re promoting is determined on creating an effective Sales Funnel starting with an attractive offer on the front end (ie: your Lead Capture Page).

For years, I’ve built my own capture pages from scratch using DreamWeaver, a website authoring software. I’ve had years of website building experience for small businesses when my kids were younger and living at home. I’m a bit of a techie when it comes to software. As great as being able to build my own websites are, not everyone is a geek like me, so it doesn’t duplicate very well when you’re promoting a business opportunity in an MLM format. So I had to switch to simpler ways of duplicating my efforts by using readily available resources that a beginner marketer can quickly learn and use to build Lead Capture Pages.

monkeylaptop1Recently I have come across a great resource for building Lead Capture Pages from a provider called “Landing Page Monkey”. I love the quality of the pages that you can create with this and the finished product is incredible. You still need to have your own Email Autoresponder program to use with it so you can capture leads and create a list. Every real online marketer needs one anyway. So if you’ve got one, you can create a spectacular lead capture page.

Some Really Cool Features of Landing Page Monkey Are:

  • Great Tutorial Videos to walk you through every step of the process
  • It’s EASY to use and you can get a GREAT capture page made in minutes
  • You can Create / Clone / Edit Pages and preview them so you can tweak if necessary
  • You can create unlimited pages
  • You have the ability to use any background image or video for your Capture Page
  • Your capture pages are hosted by LPM or you can download it to upload it to your own hosting service
  • You any email autoresponder that you’re using for your list building
  • You get all sorts of built-in analytics to see how your campaigns are converting
  • The BEST part is that it’s only a ONE-TIME purchase price of $34.95!
  • No Monthly Subscription Fees… Yay!

Here’s a couple of actual “LIVE” samples of pages I quickly built for one of the opportunities that I promote:

– Example 1

– Example 2

You can get LandingPageMonkey TODAY for a ONE-TIME a Crazy Low Purchase Price of $34.95 and use it forever! Click on the Button below to get it:

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