Welcome to My $18 Lifestyle Team

If you haven’t gotten your own $18 Lifestyle System to generate multiple streams of income, click below to get yours now and join our team! 


Make Sure You Do These Next Steps…

1) Log Into the $18 Lifestyle System

, After you log in, you’ll see a video icon (see the picture below) that will be a great introduction to the system:


The following steps also lays out what to do after you log in to get your system set up.

2) Make Sure You Join Our Top 3 Income Streams in Our System…

  • 4 CornersClick Here to Watch the presentation and to Join ($18 one-time)
  • GVOClick Here for details. Get essential online marketing tools and $$$. (Less than $10 per mo.)
  • 18 Dollar Lifestyle Rev Share Program. Click the Link at the top of your member’s area, set up your campaign(s), purchase an ad pack of your choice, and start surfing and earning. The Revshare System requires you to surf a minimum of 10 ads per day at 20 seconds each in order to earn money. It’s that simple. You can earn even more when you promote the rev share to others who join the program through your free referral website link. Click here and see the benefits and potential earnings. (See Below how to access the Rev Share system from you 18 Dollar Lifestyle backoffice).



3) Connect with me on Facebook

4) Join our 18DL Facebook Community

5) Let’s get together once you finish the steps and I’ll guide you in your online marketing.

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