Creating Your Own Image Ads

In the previous post I’ve provided some image ads for you to use in your marketing in Facebook and online classifieds. In addition to using these ready-made images, you should create some of your own image ads to give a more personal flair to it. You actually might find that you can create something that generates more responses than what I’ve provided.

Creating your own ads is pretty simple. Once you’ve created your own ads, you’ll want to upload them to a photo hosting resource like when you use them in an autoposting program. Or just store them on your computer to upload to Facebook directly. Below is a video by online marketer David Sharpe on how to create an image ad.

You’ll need a couple of programs to do this: Microsoft Powerpoint and Jing (free download). If you don’t have Powerpoint, you could use Paintbrush, which you’ll find on most computers by going to Program Files, then Accessories. I plan on doing an instrucional video on how to do that in the near future.

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