How to Buy and Forward Your Own Domain Name (URL)

When you have your new Four Corners capture page up and running, it’s a good idea to get your own personal domain name. It’s generally not a good idea to use one that is too long to remember. Also there are company issued websites from various companies that have gotten blocked from Facebook because people have spammed those website. Getting your own domain gets around this problem.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have something like or

Sure it does. You can purchase yourself any domain name as long as it’s available. And it could be a .com, .info, .biz, or any of the ones that are offered. Some are cheaper than others and you could purchase them for a year for very cheap.

The videos below will guide you through the process of getting a domain name and forwarding it to your website. The first video was done by another marketer, but she covers all of the basics for getting a domain. The 2nd video was done by me in a training for a different opportunity that I did a couple of years ago but still works for the purposes of your Four Corners Website.

How to Get Your Own Domain Name

How to Forward & Mask Your Domain Name to Your Website

Then Click Here to get your Domain Name

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